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Brown Act ViolationsAPCD Violates Brown Act Again and Again and Again...

The hiring of Air Pollution Control Officer (APCO) Larry Allen in January 2002 began a pattern of illegal closed meetings of the APCD Board which have seen Larry Allen's salary skyrocket from $85,320 a year to over $160,614—a 90 percent increase in only ten years! [READ MORE]


APCD workshopAPCD REPORT: South County Community Monitoring Project

SLOAPCD has released its South County Community Monitoring Project report and held a public meeting workshop on January 16, 2013. Download copies of the report and watch video of the public meeting here! [READ MORE]


in bed togetherSLO APCD Dust Study Peer Review: Conflicted & Incestuous

Almost every peer reviewer associated with the SLO APCD Phase 2 Dust Study is an inside friend of the study's authors. In one case, it WAS one of the study authors! In another case, the peer reviewer himself says he is "not an expert" in his own words! [READ MORE]


Nipomo Mesa: Air Forecasts Manipulated

DUNE FACTS analyzed nearly a year of Nipomo Mesa "dust" forecasts and found a mathematical bias high enough to create 100 fictional "bad air day" forecasts per year. One hundred fictional days to alarm the public and make Nipomo Mesa residents think they are breathing bad air (because of off-road use of our local dunes). In truth, a full 48% of the "bad" forecasts turned out to be "Good" days. The stunner? THE AIR DISTRICT ADMITS DOING IT ON PURPOSE! [READ MORE]


Broken promisesBROKEN PROMISES: SLO APCD Board Disregards Promises


  • IGNORED: Questions from California Geological Survey
  • IGNORED: Questions from Environmental consultants and experts
  • IGNORED: Comments from informed and concerned park users



Oceano Dunes supports jobsOceano Dunes Tourism Dollars Don't Affect You? Think Again.

Two million visitors a year spending tens of millions of dollars, renting thousands of room-nights, eating out, buying goods, supporting hundreds of jobs and businesses. Oceano Dunes brings a greater array of businesses, better businesses, more choices, and is the single largest revenue generator and, perhaps, employer in south San Luis Obispo County.  If you own a business, dune dollars reach you—either directly, or indirectly by providing income to your customers. It's impossible not to benefit... [READ MORE]


Oceano Dunes supports jobsGetting to the facts about dunes’ dust

Airborne particulates are anything but new to the Nipomo Mesa and surrounding region.

The Mesa is composed of Pleistocene and Holocene-era sand dune deposits, thousands of years old and several hundred feet thick. Decomposing mountainous rock, ground into sand and transported to the sea by local rivers, washes ashore with the tides — 500 million pounds of sediment per year, according to the U.S. Geological Survey — and is entrained by the winds and blown inland... [READ MORE]


SLOAPCD Phase 2 study dataSLO Air District Failed to Release Raw Air Study Data

After more than one year, the SLO APCD has still failed to release the raw data used in the SOUTH COUNTY PHASE II PARTICULATE STUDY in a usable format. Interested parties can now obtain that raw data in open scientific file formats here... [READ MORE]


fingers in earsSLO APCD Board Refuses to Hear Scientific Input

We don't need no stinking science! For months, the Nipomo Mesa "Phase 2 Dust Study" has been questioned by scientists, geologists and the public. Repeated concerns about obvious scientific flaws have fallen on the ears of a deaf Board, unwilling to give consideration to a plethora of easily provable concerns. However, on May 18, 2011, the Board refused to even listen to one of their own board members—who also happens to hold a Ph.D.! What better illustration that the Nipomo Mesa dust issue is being driven by politics and alarmists, not credible evidence... [SEE VIDEO]


DRI workshopVIDEO: Questioning Desert Research Institute PI-SWERL dust measurements

Questions to Desert Research Institute (DRI) scientists regarding the "PI-SWERL" dune measurement device used in the DRI dune study... [SEE VIDEO]


Comparing Our Air (SLO vs. Statewide):


PM2.5 Particulate Matter

SLO County air PM2.5 concentrations (top chart) have consistently measured lower than the statewide maximum readings (bottom chart):




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